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Unleash your performance in our classes! At Downstate CrossFit, Northern Westchester residents have a great time getting in great shape. With all these choices, you’re sure to find a class (or classes) you’ll love. Don’t worry that any of these will be too tough for you. We scale every workout to meet you where you are that day. As your skills increase, so does the intensity of your workouts.
  • Elements

    Every new CrossFitter begins in our Elements course. You’ll train 1-on-1 with a coach for 3 sessions and learn the correct techniques for classic CrossFit movements. This course will ease you into the intensity of the CrossFit workouts.

  • CrossFit

    Based on the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” our CrossFit program combines strength training with the “classic” CrossFit cardio workout. For this 1-hour class, you could be working on pull-ups, rowing, burpees and much more. Every WOD is different so you never get bored! We scale each workout to your fitness level, so you get the maximum workout every time.

  • Personal Training

    In today’s busy world, it’s hard to find the time to get regular exercise. So it’s important to make the most of the time you have. Downstate CrossFit offers a wide range of personal workout programs to help you achieve your ideal body. Your personal trainer will develop an exercise regimen suited specifically for you, whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight.

  • Gymnastics

    Build strength, coordination, balance and flexibility in our gymnastics class! If you want to build your core, there’s no better (or more exhilarating) was to do it than with gymnastics. Holding yourself upside down, flipping, using rings and bars and all the other fun things we do in class will help you gain the superhuman strength gymnasts are famous for.

  • Swistak Olympic-Lifting

    Our Swistak Olympic Lifting classes aim to improve the classic Olympic lifts. Our programming follows set cycles ranging from the introductory level to more advanced cycles prepping lifters for WODs or competition. Our Olympic weightlifting classes are great whether you’re looking to improve your technique and strength or want to pursue Olympic weightlifting as a sport.

  • Birthday Parties

    Celebrations for all occasions and ages! Our coaches will customize activities to suit your groups age and interests! The opportunities are endless with our wide open space to bring in a variety of additional entertainment. Email for more info!


    DSCF FIT is a 1-hour high-intensity cardio workout, lead by Coach Mark Hoffman. This full-body workout uses rowers, bikes, light weights, and gymnastics to get your heart pumping and body sweating! Downstate FIT is for all skill levels, and does not require Elements to participate!
    • Unlimited


      Per Month

      • First Responders & Teachers $195/month
      • Additional family members $185/month
      • Full-time students: $180/month
      • Access to all classes and open gym
    • 10x per month


      Per Month

      • First Responders & Teachers $170/month
      • Full-Time Students $160/month
      • Access to all classes and open gym


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