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Member Spotlight: John Doino

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We have more than 100 members at DSCF who hail from all over Westchester and Putnam. Our membership is extremely diverse, with people of all ages, backgrounds and athletic abilities. This series spotlights members from across our community. Read more from the series here.

Member: John Doino
Lives in: Putnam Valley
Age: 56
Occupation: Curry Hyundai Salesman
You’ll find me at: 6:30 a.m. class
*John pictured with his daughters, Lindsey (left) and Brittany.

John Doino’s CrossFit journey got off to a rocky start.

He dove in at another area CrossFit gym with little idea of what he was getting himself into. “I got slaughtered and couldn’t walk for a week,” he says. Most people would throw in the towel, but not John.

“He still had the itch to try it again,” explained his daughter Lindsey, also a member at Downstate CrossFit. “I think for someone who has always been an athlete, it was hard for him to accept defeat. He knew I went to a different gym that really focused on technique and personal modifications, so once he could walk again, he was willing to give it another shot.”

Another gym, another chance, though it still wasn’t a cakewalk. “When Dad first took his Elements Class I watched him struggle terribly through a workout using just the PVC pipe,” Lindsey said. “His improvement from then to now, and the occasional appearance towards the top of the white board, makes me so proud. I have to keep him in his place some days though. He’ll send me a screenshot of him ranked No. 1 on the whiteboard, and I’m like ‘That’s great Dad, but it’s 7:45am.’”

Though Lindsey says it’s safe to say John is the most competitive Doino, working out at DSCF together has brought the pair closer together and been a learning experience. “He has taught me that competition isn’t about being faster or stronger than the person next to you. [He’s taught me] to only compete against my previous self,” she said. “In class we are each other’s biggest fans. [We] get through it together.”

How did you discover CrossFit?

My daughter Brittany belonged to another CrossFit gym in the area. I tried it and was thrown in with no warning. My other daughter, Lindsey, told me about DSCF. I had a great experience and decided I could do this. There was great coaching, and they walked me through every aspect, giving me a great foundation.

That’s pretty cool that you workout with your kids.

What could be better than doing something with your kids?!

I’ve heard you joke around about being one of the “old guys” at the gym. And plenty of “old guys” would say CrossFit is for kids. What was your motivation to join?

Being old is no excuse to not try. Getting pushed by the other members really makes the experience. My lifestyle before was working out at Club Fit. A little of this and that with no real direction. I felt ok but not like I feel today.

What’s been the hardest CrossFit move for you to master?

Just one? Ok, here’s the list: overhead squats, double unders (I’m getting better), handstand push-ups (a dream), muscle-ups (a longer dream). Come to think of it, the list is not that long.

Any advice for the “old guys”?

CrossFit is for everybody! It’s become a major part of my life. Don’t go overboard. Remember to take it easy and that it takes time