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Member Spotlight: Alexis ‘Lexi’ Jones

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We have more than 100 members at DSCF who hail from all over Westchester and Putnam. Our membership is extremely diverse, with people of all ages, backgrounds and athletic abilities. This series spotlights members from across our community.

Member: Alexis ‘Lexi’ Jones
Lives in: Somers, NY
Age: 12
Grade: 7
You’ll find me at: Kid’s CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting Class

By the time Lexi Jones became an official Downstate CrossFit member, she’d already logged plenty of hours at the gym. The 12-year-old often accompanied her parents, Chris and Lisa, to class, hanging out in the so-called kids’ room playing games or entertaining the younger kids, while the parents worked out.

Now in 7th grade, Lexi was eager to follow in her parents footsteps, as well as join some of the older kids who had begun training with Coach Steve Swistak. “She’s one of my superstars,” said Swistak. “The first time she came to class she could barely squat. Now, she’s doing cleans with the bar.”

When Downstate added a Kid’s CrossFit class this fall, Lexi was one of the first to sign up. “The kids at my school did not believe I did Olympic lifts, so I showed them,” she said, explaining she posted a video online. “[They] were shocked.”

What was your first class like?
I was really nervous and excited at the same time. I had been watching a lot of videos on YouTube in preparation, and I’ve seen my Mom do awesome in competitions. My first night I couldn’t even do a squat properly. It was very humbling to be stuck with a PVC pipe. But my parents explained how they struggled at CrossFit in the beginning too and that I should keep working at it.

What other types of activities do you do outside of school?
I also run cross country, do ballet and play the violin in my school orchestra. I am participating in the school musical and sing in the chorus too. I have fun doing community service and volunteered for the Caitlin Rose Savio Foundation and helped out during Barbells for Boobs. I really want to go to Princeton.                                                                              
Do you think CrossFit is helping with your other sports?

Yes! While many people think that Oly is all about being big, it’s really not. Oly technique is hard but it really strengthens your leg muscles, and I think that’s going to help when I run track in the spring. My Mom and Dad said that doing Oly will help put some meat on my chicken legs! It’s really cool to have the same hobby as your parents because we can talk about it together. My little brother is an awesome athlete, so it’s cool to feel like I’m an athlete in my family too.

What do your friends think about weightlifting and CrossFit?
The kids at my school did not believe I did Olympic lifts, so I showed them. They were very surprised when I posted my snatch video. I got a lot of comments from friends who were shocked.

What do you like about CrossFit?
I love the environment. Everyone is so supportive of each other and making friends is easy. The more experienced kids help out the newer kids like me. It’s a cool program and it makes Monday stink less. … It was like love at first power clean!