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  • I eat very healthy food

    My daughter, Andi, started asking me if I wanted to come with her to CrossFit. I told her it seemed like it would be too strenuous for me. I decided to give it a try even though I knew it would be challenging. When I went into the class, everything seemed...

    Joseph Coiro

  • CrossFit is extremely humbling

    As a guy used to lifting heavy weights and doing my own thing, CrossFit is extremely humbling. I completely agree with Laurie that the coaches are what makes DSCF different. I have heard too many stories about coaches who are not engaged and athletes who ...

    Jonathan Goldheim

  • Happy place

    I was fresh out of college, 20 pounds heavier and a million times less confident. I wanted to look and feel different, and I wanted to push myself. My advice to all students, and pretty much everyone in life, is to make time for yourself. My happy place i...

    Katie Dingersen

  • Something amazing

    I love that CrossFit is a community, and the people can help you conquer your fears and do what you never thought was possible. CrossFit is not a cult, but a place where people have your back just in case you fall and are there to cheer you on...

    Luzia Cordero

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Interested in Online or In-Person Training?

Focused on safety, we're dedicated to getting you results!