Unleashing Human Performance

Northern Westchester's Premier CrossFit Facility

Downstate CrossFit was founded in 2014 by a group who wanted to cultivate a truly positive environment for CrossFitters. Long story short – it worked.

People come to Downstate for the top notch programming, and they stay for the community.

Our coaches are some of the best in the industry with years of experience and passion driving everything they do. No matter what your goals are – to lose weight, gain muscle, train for a competition, or simply feel better every day – our coaches will help you get there.

Supportive, encouraging, and always pushing each other to be better, our members are what make our gym truly unique. If you’re looking for the boost a little friendly competition with your peers can give you, this is the place to find it. We welcome athletes of all ages and skill levels - drop in today to learn what Downstate can do for you.

Sweat now. Shine later.

Ready. Set. GO!

Our Facility

Inside our 5,000-square-foot facility in Briarcliff Manor, you’ll find everything you need to reach your fitness goals. From our top-of-the-line CrossFit equipment to our convenient showers and dedicated kids areas our facility has everything you need to get your workout in and get you out the door.

  • When I went into the class everything seemed very difficult including jumping rope, but Coach Dom made me feel very comfortable. Now I eat very healthy food. I am no longer diabetic. I do not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I am not taking any prescription medications. I feel strong and about 20 years younger. I go to CrossFit three or four times a week, and I’m looking forward to playing in a baseball league after 40 years of not playing.

    Joseph Coiro

  • "I love the people I workout with. There is a 70 year old and an 18 year old in my regular class but with proper coaching and scaling we can all do the same workout, get results, and pull for each other to finish"

    Marc Garlasco

  • "I was initially very intimidated by all the strong members around me. But I realized that everyone is on their own journey and you are really competing with yourself."

    Boncy Mathai